Benjamin’s Parasite
Jeff Strand

FIRST PAPERBACK EDITION. May 2009 Delirium Books trade paperback, Jeff Strand (I Have a Bad Feeling About This). At any given moment, the human body contains millions of parasites. This is the story of just one. A really, really nasty one. Benjamin Wilson was having a lousy month even before the stomach pains began. He was about to turn forty. One of his students had been shot while on a homicidal meat cleaver rampage. And shortly after the funeral, Benjamin didn’t feel so good… Now everything is changing.

Benjamin's Parasite book cover

“He’d never used the f-word in front of his daughter, and could tell that he’d suddenly become infinitely cooler in her eyes.”
I laughed out loud at more than one point in this story, especially the earlier parts. Things did seem to get a little more serious and deadly as things progressed and it’s not a tale all tied-up and loose ends sorted, but it was a very enjoyable read indeed. Benjamin’s internal voice was on-form throughout, and Cindy was well painted for her age, it’s refreshing to see a working father-daughter relationship at that age.

Published by Sean Randall

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