Aftershock (Sedulity Saga #2)
David P. Forsyth

This thrilling sequel to the Bestselling apocalyptic sea adventure, “Sedulity 1: Impact,” takes the apocalypse to new levels of annihilation. Join the passengers and crew of the Sedulity as they find their way through the shocking aftermath of an asteroid strike in the Pacific Ocean. Every form of violent natural disaster is unleashed in this chilling tale of destruction and survival. How will these characters deal with the end of the world as they knew it? Hundreds of reviewers have clamored for a continuation of this tale of disaster. Here is your invitation to come aboard for the second leg this epic voyage. NOTE: This is the second book in a series intended to be read in the order written.
BONUS READ: This Kindle edition includes “Lukan” (a prequel novelette in the Sovereign Spirit Saga) at the conclusion of this book (sold separately for $0.99).

Aftershock (Sedulity Saga #2) book cover

Lacking much of the impact of the first book (excuse the pun) there’s little progression to the story here, and it feels like we’re in something of a holding pattern. The internals of the crew were interesting though, and I’m keen to see where the story ends.

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