Absolutely Nothing (Jason Steed #3)
Mark A. Cooper

After going under cover and uncovering a child trafficking organization in Britain, 12 year-old Jason Steed settles into an elite American Military School for boys and finally feels normal.
When a peacekeeping force working for the United Nations are taken hostage, it was just another boring news story that Jason ignored until he is informed his father is among the captives. Repeatedly told not too worry someone will do something. Jason decides he is that someone and discovers more than he bargained for when he unearths a group of American fathered children deep in the Vietnamese Jungle. Unwanted by the Americans and shunned by the Vietnamese, they are left to die and hunted by a ruthless Vietnamese General. Can anyone rescue the prisoners and help the children?
With odds stacked against him he must rely on all his skills, for his nightmare is just beginning…….

Absolutely Nothing (Jason Steed #3) book cover

Another high-flying heartpounding adventure. The way characters just get superbly angry doesn’t always ring believable, and the disparity between the level of violence and sexual awareness is very high, but then the kids portrayed are very young indeed and maybe themes will mature as things go on. This is certainly a very, very powerful series of stories for young people who want an action hero. Cooper is a fabulous storyteller.

Published by Sean Randall

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