A Voice for Princess (Kedrigern, #1)
John Morressy

If only I could find the right spell! At 160 years old Kedrigern is a relatively young, bachelor wizard of some reputation. He is a master magician, specializing in the performance of counter-spells, that is, magic to counteract the incantations of other spell-casters. Kedrigern is a respected member of the Wizards’ Guild, though he cannot see why such an organization needs to exist. It all seems too much like the bureaucracy of the new upstart practice of alchemy. Then to Kedrigern’s chagrin the Guild proposes to allow the membership of an alchemist, Professor-Doctor-Master Quintrindus. Kedrigern speaks strongly against the idea, but when it is put to the ballot he is the only person who votes against. Greatly miffed Kedrigern resigns.

A Voice for Princess (Kedrigern, #1) book cover

I had hoped to enjoy this more, and indeed there were elements which appealed tremendously. Some of the language is nice, the rhyme is rather splendid and it’s all-together not too serious a work. it did seemed to end a little flatly though, and it did feel drawn-out and stretched in places. Fun, but not amazing. But there are further stories !

Published by Sean Randall

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