Fun and Entertainment

It is a surprising fact, but over half of the children and young people I have trained out of their parent’s pockets have also decided they want some more joy from their technology. I have been retained in these cases to provide support for less work-intensive tasks as well as my more professional services.

What can I offer?

Audiogames are a huge subgenre of computer game: whether it’s playing golf, flying an aeroplane, piloting a submarine or commanding an army of soldiers, we can do it all, too. From crawling dungeons to repairing damaged spaceships, real-time game play is very much alive in the blind community.

If fast action isn’t your thing we’ve plenty of other choices: from board games like monopoly, a huge variety of card games, and even dice, logic puzzles and word games, there’s plenty of things to do to keep yourself amused.

Games are not the only way to relax, of course. You may want to know about reading options (audio, electronic or Braille). You may need a hand to master a particular web conferencing tool, social media app or instant messaging solution. You might want to start listening to podcasts, learn about audio-description on streaming television services, or have a burning need to access a newspaper or magazine.

So if any of that sounds appealing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.