Office and productivity

Having been through mainstream school, specialist education, studied for a degree online and taken training courses and exams in-person well into adulthood I am well situated to appreciate the benefits of being productive through technology and the import of having a good grasp on office skills.

What can I offer?

I have a wealth of experience of both Microsoft Office and the Google’ GSuite system, using each daily for professional and personal reasons. How these interact with screen readers is my most common training task, and it’s not all about documents either. Spreadsheets, presentations, databases, forms and the online collaborative components of the modern Office user are my forte.

Outside of the office environment, I’m a big fan of being organized as well. Learning how to use a reliable calendar, notetaking tool or password manager are also very worthwhile skills in the modern age, with good diary skills perhaps my most prized (because if I don’t put appointments in my calendar I’m invariably going to forget about them)