Updating the Website

    Well hello! Welcome to my little space on the web. Here simply used to be a little page about me. That was getting a bit out-of-date.


So now, we are going to have a bit of fun with this site. I have a platform I can use to write personal blog posts, like this one. I also aim to apply many of the things I am well-known for – such as decent quality computer training, in-depth looks at useful computer software, and a love of literature.


The site right now is very small and basic and unmodified from the way it comes out of the box, and as I’m sure you know, I have a family and a job both, so don’t expect miraculously frequent updates. But I really was getting sick of paying through the nose for a website I wasn’t using, so I ended up paying less, moving to what I hope will be a better provider, and starting to build a website that can combine all my disparate efforts into one place on the web. And what better place than this, my .me!


Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months as this place takes shape into something useful.


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