Posting via Email

So it’s Good Friday, and as the rest of the family spend a worrying amount of time sorting through the summer suitcases and start putting winter clothes away, I am still tweaking.

Why post via email?

Well, Email is quite a natural medium for me.  I spend a lot of time writing email, and although the number of mailing lists I am on has diminished greatly since the heyday when I  could literally spend an evening clearing the days traffic (having done a dial-up internet connection to pull the messages down), I nonetheless spend a great deal of my time in Outlook.

  • At work, we use exchange, so mail, calendars and contacts are a thing
  • TAVIP’s email runs on Office365, so again, Outlook is the best tool for the job
  • And that means that my personal mail based here, although just an IMAP connection, is also best handled through the beast.


Needless to say iOS’s Mail app plays happily too, although I don’t think I’ll have the same level of success in formatting messages with BSI as I would at the computer.  Perhaps I can draft it, or use Markdown, although I don’t see me *needing* to post very often on the road to be honest.


Nonetheless, Email posting means I spend less time worrying about the formatting and use the same workload I’m handling normally anyway.


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