I broke the shop

So thanks to the delightful people attending the TAVIP Tech-a-Break weekend in Crewe, I was  invited to give a seminar on website creation.  Why not talk about mine, you ask?


Well, if I do that, I’d need to poke around the administrative sections, have a feel for how it all fits together.  Which I did. Lovely.


But I somehow managed to revert the site back to an older state, deleting a few minor blog posts along the way and completely obliterating the shop.




The shop and it’s single product are now restored.  The next Apportunity in the series will be along in a week or so, we’re just doing the final post-production.  I am also conscious that we’ve lost some of the photography, so please hold tight  while I investigate.  But there are no more sheep.


The  Calendar Apportunity is back on sale at a 25% discount due to the disruption, so if you’re interested, now is the time to  save yourself a few pennies.


The weekend here is going  fabulously and it’s been a great pleasure to be involved.  Marvelous to reacquaint oneself with colleagues and friends from times gone bye, and to meet new faces with such enthusiasm and ability. I have had a wonderful time, and look forward to strengthening my professional and personal relationships with all these wonderful people over the next year, before we do all of this again in 2020!

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