a lack of progress report

So a week has gone by and nothing at all on this site has changed, you say.

And, guess what? You’re absolutely spot on. Nothing has.

But the world outside this web of words has kept moving, and whilst spending most of my working week getting students ready to revise for their GCSEs and A-Levels for a fortnight without intervention, I have yet been pondering this place.

This personal blog will have to keep going, it’s far too good therapy not to. I’m getting a pretty good vibe from being able to write in a relaxed fashion, and so that’s a keeper.

I want to build several other resources into the site, including a set of technology factsheets, my little shop, and of course a place for my book reviews and commentary. Round that off with a decent “about me” page, and I think you have the bones of what I am trying to do here. Further projects can squeeze in on the top level should they ever become necessary.

So factsheets, you say? What’s that all about?

Well, a chunk of my job, when I am not working on internal college stuff or teaching the students, is all about outreach – getting the word about specific techniques, equipment, software or whatever to people. Having a resource I can point them to will be helpful, and so I am in the process of updating (which I would have to do anyway, for work) and refactoring (so they work online) a series of informational resources about technology that I hand out to delegates. These have previously just been in standard print, which ironically is very inaccessible, but I have managed to solve that problem with some creative use of origami and technology. More on that in the coming months.

And the shop?
Again, I have provided people with more in-depth resources in days gone bye, and I want to be able to not only commercialise that a little, but also allow other people to take advantage. I will, therefore, be selling products – mostly in the form of audio recordings of me patiently guiding people new to a particular technology or topic through the details. I don’t expect any of this to be available for at least another 6 weeks, minimum, nor do I expect to become rich. But I do hope to provide something useful.

And the books?

I’m torn about the books section. I used to have a little page listing my newest reads, and that was that. It worked well and was useful, so I’d like to duplicate it here somehow.

But then you get into the fact that, when I’ve written a book review on Goodreads, it’s not something I can come back to. I often reread books – so far, as of today, I have read 41 new titles in 2019 and 36 rereads. So some way of commenting on those afresh would be nice, a way of adding more depth to some of my reviews, and also a place to talk about my most-read authors, some of whom are obscure. So I haven’t quite cracked the books part of the site in my planning phase yet, but perhaps the simplest thing to do as a starter would be to duplicate the old experience.

And my about me page?
Basically that. A short biography, perhaps a photo or two, prices for the services I offer (computer training, software development, that sort of thing). I no longer sell or provide software for public use, but I am open for commissions and still enjoy the unique challenge of writing bespoke software for my customers.

So when’s all this fancy stuff happening?
Around life, I suppose is the most honest answer. I want to get the factsheets up and running by the end of the month, just because they are already half-written and need the longevity. I will be asking for assistance to whip the visuals into shape, and I aim to get at least one orderable item in the shop, as I said earlier, within 6 weeks. None of this is particularly important to anyone other than me, so I can afford to take my time and fit this personal little corner of the Web around me.

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