Micro21, computer game coding for the beginner blind student.

Booking for this course is now closed. if you are interested in joining a later one, please get in touch to be put on the waiting list.

I am Sean and I’m a blind technology teacher. I started off teaching the elderly to use computers for work experience at school and have been teaching ever since. I now work at a college supporting blind and visually-impaired young people with their access technology needs.

With the increasing requirement for kids to learn to code and the amazing difficulties it seems to pose in mainstream not going away, I have decided to run an online computer programming and game design class to kick off 2021. Please read the following questions and answers carefully before signing up because you commit to pay a deposit if you fill in the form below.

Who can join the class?
Your child is welcome if they:
* Are aged 10 or above and Use a screen reader (NVDA, JAWS, Supernova) to access their computers,
* Have access to, and are able to use, a Windows computer with reasonable efficiency or supervision,
* are interested in learning some basic computer programming and game design and have the ability to follow instructions to write computer code,
* are able to connect and disconnect a small piece of equipment to the computer, and operate its buttons to play the games they make,
* can commit to a weekly online session throughout the first half-of the 2020-21 spring term (until approximately the middle of February).
* If your child works better one-on-one we can do individual sessions at £20.00 each.

What will happen?
if you sign up your child for the course, they will receive:
* A BBC Micro:bit V2 SBM in the post, along with supporting accessories, software and instructions,
* emailed invitations to 7 weekly online lessons which will take them from testing that the Micro:Bit works to creating playable handheld computer games,
* A huge confidence boost working with a small group of blind and visually-impaired youngsters,
* And the ability to make ever-more-complex computer programs by adding components to their Micro:Bit in the future.

How much does it cost?
The fee for the 7 week course plus equipment posted out is £130.00. A 20% deposit is required to secure your child’s place and to arrange for the Micro:Bit to be posted to your home. Further payment can be made on a schedule to suit you although the balance will be due by the end of the course.

What is the Micro:bit?
it is a Single-Board microcontroller created in partnership with loads of companies (including the BBC, Barclays, Lancaster University, Microsoft and Samsung) designed to get kids into coding. The initial Micro:bit was given to schools back in 2016.

Version 2 of the Bit now includes a speaker, so we can make fun audio games rather than relying on visuals. We will also use a screen-reader friendly code editor specially designed to send programs to the Micro:Bit via the supplied USB cable, in a mainstream programming language used by millions of developers worldwide.

How many will be in a class?
A maximum of 5 participating students at any one time, so your child will have plenty of opportunity for personal attention. Questions outside class are very welcome by email, on Messenger or WhatsApp and so on. Classes will be recorded and can be played back as often as necessary.

What happens if my child misses a class or decides they aren’t interested after all?
your initial 20% deposit covers the micro:bit, supporting accessories and access to the specialist software we use to send the code we write from the computer to the Bit. A lesson missed through illness or unavoidable circumstance can be caught up on later as a recording with an email or telephone discussion to address any queries.

Should you or your child wish to withdraw after any lesson you need only pay the balance for those lessons attended or, if you’ve paid in full, will be refunded the difference. If you decide to withdraw before lessons start your 20% deposit is non-refundable, as is each lesson after it has happened.

I have a question not covered above
Just get in touch by email to contact@seanrandall.me or via phone, WhatsApp or text message on 07969662640.

How do I join?
Please fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch.

Booking for this course is now closed. if you are interested in joining a later one, please get in touch to be put on the waiting list.