Coronavirus Update

Due to having to work from home and support my own family no longer able to physically attend school, I am pausing production and distribution of physical training materials. If you do place any orders, please do so under the assumption that you will be added to the waiting list until further notice. Immediate Refunds will be paid on request, no questions asked.

I will be delighted to offer unlimited free email support for you over the coming weeks, particularly in the evenings, school holidays and weekends. For those of you with visually-impaired children off school, or those Vi parents trying to support children of all ages, I will put my expertise at your disposal for as long as the crisis lasts.

Please contact me for information about accessible online learning platforms, support with your equipment (including Orbit Readers, Braille Notetakers, iPhones, iPads and computers), accessible reading and learning materials (including textbooks, fiction and games).

Please also watch this space for further plans, as I diversify my online offerings to include workshops for those visually-impaired children or teens displaced from their schools.
It is a trying and unusual time for us all. Technology is a key tool in the lives of the visually-impaired every single day, but now more than ever it will also become key to our future education, wellbeing and happiness.

Thank you all for your support.

Sean Randall
Tel/sms/whatsapp: 07969662640