Time After Time
Karl Alexander

H. G. Wells chases Jack the Ripper through time, via his infamous time machine, to current day San Francisco, Jack just happen to be a sociopath friend of dear H.G.’s. San Fran is a great back drop to the novel, and their battles. H.G. even finds love. This book went on to make a great film by the same title. In fact H. G. and Mary married in real life, McDowell still considers Mary Steenburgen his greatest love, though they divorced and remarried years ago, It is also his favorite film.

Time After Time book cover

This was a bit of rollicking fun, and no mistake. I didn’t fully feel as submerged in the landscape as I have with other authors, some of the language wasn’t, at times, there. But the story was enjoyable and I found myself enjoying it, that’s all I can really say!

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