The Thirteenth Magician
Patrick Welch

DARK FANTASY: The Gods were at war on Horea. No one was safe, including the young man Daasek, chosen to be a weapon for the battling powers. A tool sent to do battle with the thirteen powerful magicians who reigned on his world. Yet he had to fight them to reclaim the most precious possession of all,his very soul. Could he pay the price necessary to reclaim his freedom? Or was he doomed to remain a plaything of the Gods? Rating: PG 13

The Thirteenth Magician book cover

This was a pretty intriguing read, although perhaps too short for those of us used to epic worldbuilding. Still, the concepts and foundations were solid and, although the message did come through, the ending was a little flat for my tastes. The authro has other published stories, I’ll gladly check any others out that I come across.

Published by Sean Randall

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