Mars Station Alpha: A Novel
Stephen Penner

A LOCKED ROOM MYSTERY IN SPACE. The colonists of the first space station on Mars have vanished. Captain John Stanton leads a second team to the Red Planet, unsure what he’ll find. Originally assigned merely to relieve the first group, Stanton must now figure out what happened to them, and keep the same fate from befalling his own crew. As he investigates, the mystery deepens and the dangers remorseless sandstorms, virulent bacteria… perhaps even ancient Martian ghosts. Stanton’s mission changes from relief, to rescue, to simple escape.

Mars Station Alpha: A Novel book cover

I couldn’t take this remotely seriously. If it was intended to be funny, it wasn’t. But equally the characters weren’t professional, the Captain’s inner voice was far too prolific and totally ruined any surprise of the ending and the entire crew is less competent than a batch of raw Starfleet recruits. I will probably pick up the crime novel advertised at the end of this one, the writing there at least seems a little more believable. But sadly, if this calls itself science fiction, I hope Penner’s other genres are considerably better represented.

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