Journey Into Space – Operation Luna (Journey Into Space, #1)
Charles Chilton

Between 1953 and 1958, millions of people tuned into the radio adventures of Jet Morgan and his crew as they left Earth to investigate the universe. The success of the series reached amazing heights, retaining the record of being the last radio programme to surpass its television rival in the ratings. The series was translated into 17 langauges and broadcast worldwide. Chilton went on to write three bestselling novels based on the groundbreaking radio series.

Reprinted for the first time in forty years, Fantom Publishing presents Charles Chilton’s tales of space expedition in limited edition hardback.

Journey Into Space - Operation Luna (Journey Into Space, #1) book cover

I am of course far too young to have enjoyed the radio broadcasts of this pillar of British radio in its original form, but I cut my teeth first on the abridged cassettes and then on remastered radio productions as they became available. This novelisation has been around in an audiobook form for a few years I think probably because a lot of blind people enjoyed it in its initial run on the wireless.

I can’t say there was much new to enjoy in the novel. In spots, I heard the voices of the actors instead of getting the words on the page, which was a nice experience and it was interesting to read a little more of the visualisation that Chilton pictured, which of course you lose on the radio. But it also served to bring home Chilton’s tropes: circular ships and a reliance on aircraft, time travel and larger-than-life aliens, Humanities destruction – all these motifs reappear, perhaps to excess, in his latter works.

So a mixed bag really, I don’t think someone unfamiliar with the work will get much out of it to be honest.

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