Sean is a certified NVDA Expert, JAWS scripter and Web and Windows software developer. He works as an accessibility trainer at a college for the blind and visually impaired and holds qualifications and certification in windows Server management and a variety of scripting and programming languages with an emphasis on accessibility and universal design.

Contact Details
• Telephone: 01905692280.
• Mobile: 07969662640. Call at the weekend or in the evenings or text any time.
• E-Mail:
• Types of training offered: In-person, Telephone-based, Online, personalised instructions.

Training services and coverage

I offer training on using computer software with any of the major screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, Window Eyes or Supernova); including Microsoft Office, file management, web browsing and shopping, or almost anything else you care to do at your computer. I can advise on hardware purchases, help you find the most efficient ways of using your equipment and I am even a certified NVDA Expert, JAWS scripter and software developer myself, so should you need some tweaking or even your own computer program written, that’s something we can do.
On the mobile front I offer comprehensive training on VoiceOver (Apple’s mobile screen reader) and will be happy to help you find and access apps for anything you might want to do. My personalised instruction offerings are very popular at the moment – where you give me details of what you want to cover and I produce you a written, or spoken-word guide (with the screen reader included of course), on a CD, memory stick or digital download. Many people have told me that having one of these is almost better than having a trainer in person, because they can repeat things as often as they like. Of course, all the materials you get are yours to keep, and e-Mail or phone questions are always welcome to make anything clearer.
In general technology terms I try to keep abreast of developments and new technologies – my name regularly appears in widely-circulated publications, blogs and social media – because technology is ever changing, and as a blind person I feel it very much worth my while to know exactly what it can do for me. That means that if you want to know something about a new device, website or app, chances are I’ve heard of it and can inform you as to its current state of accessibility and usability for the blind.

Personal Profile

I live in a small Worcestershire village with my partner, daughter and guide dog (they arrived in that order, but can cause trouble in any combination!) I work as an access technology teacher and IT technician at a local college, so the majority of my training is provided during evenings and weekends, although occasionally larger groups or corporate events happen in the school holidays. I have no useful vision myself, but learned that computers could help with that at school. From then on I was hooked, and writing software of my own ignited a spark for technology in me that burns strongly to this day. The movement from deskbound computers to portable gadgetry has caused something of a revolution for blind people: whether it’s finding out what time the next bus is due, reading the menu in a restaurant or acquiring the latest novel, technology can be there at our side to smooth the path. It is this joy in the using of and ebullience for the benefits from technology of any kind that shines through when I train people. For me, technology isn’t something you need to learn. it’s something that you can embrace, and with the appropriate guidance, something that can change your life, not just your set of skills.


Prices can vary, depending on your need, but a basic price list is outlined below. if you have a specific project in mind rather than a number of hours or set number of days do get in touch.
Online or phone-based training is my most common form of work, and my training material service is by far the most popular.
• Accessibility questions or advice by e-mail: Free, within reason.
• Consultation of your needs: Free, up to 30 minutes on the phone or online. After this, you will usually have a confirmed price for, and outline of, your training.
• Online or telephone based support: £15.00 per hour (minimum of 30 minute session, regardless of topic).
• Personalised instructions service: £30.00 per hour of audio, £5.00 per page of printed instructions. Prices include postage where necessary, and print means standard print (you won’t pay more if you need things enlarged or Brailled of course). Audio hours are rounded to the nearest 30 minutes – so a full audio cd of 75 minutes would cost £45.00.
• Single morning/afternoon session of in-person training: £85.00, plus travel.
• Whole day session of in-person training: £150.00, plus travel.
• JAWS scripting or other screen reader adaptations: £120 per session, approximately, but pricing depends on circumstances.
• Software development: £150 per session, approximately, but pricing depends on the complexity of the task and future of the application.